Plywood Bowls

Plywood Bowls |


Oversized plywood bowls originally made from the off-cuts of the porthole frames project, now made to order.


Freeform or geometric profiles, or a combination of both!


Ideal as statement fruit bowl, salad bowl or display dish, perfect for a centerpiece on the dining table and for hotel lobbies.


They are a sculptural piece; unique, oversized, heavy, and extremely tactile – they are astonishing to touch


We can produce smaller ones on request for use as individual serving dishes (tapas / sushi etc.)


FSA approved Birch Ply, oiled, polished and food safe. Different finishes available.


90mm thick – and consequently pretty heavy!


These ones are either 38cm or 50cm in diameter – though a production run of smaller, individual serving dishes is eminently possible