We have had an incident at the lab and a gang of spare parts and limb bits have gone missing. I enclose some mug shots for you and your staff.


If you come across any of them, don’t panic, keep calm, and say: “Hello little guy, what’s your name?” or “Hello there, are you lost?”.


This will, more often than not, pacify them. Whatever you do, do not run or make any sudden movements.


LIMBITS are a new modular product made from offcuts and excess material inherent in CNC manufacture.


Made for 5 year olds and above, they are a bit of a giggle for everyone, a kind of organic lego / meccano, from which you can build a myriad of characters, structures and vehicles, and combinations of all three!


See our site for further info and to order your LIMBIT character (ready made or ready for assembly) or bags of LIMBITS to make whatever your imaginations please.



Core LIMBITS are made from sustainable 12mm Birch ply and joined with M8 nylon threaded rod and wing nuts. They are available in super smooth orange lacquer (with the wood grain showing); solid textured yellow; and plain wood face so that you can paint or decorate yourself.


Random LIMBITS are collected from our friends in the area, and are made from ply with various finishes, or plastic in various colours. The random LIMBITS often turn up in a bag of LIMBITS and are very special indeed.


The LIMBIT name is trademarked and the designs are registered.