FlatJack Footrest & Tray

FlatJack Footrest & Tray |


The Flatjack Footrest and Tray is designed to match the Deckchair.


It’s cut from the wood in the centre of the chair frame, which means that the wood grain flows continuously across both chair and footrest when ordered together. The Footrest can be laid flat and nested in the chair for storage.


The Flatjack Footrest frame is stained and oiled; the removable sling comes in a wide variety of colours and textures. Standard Colour Options


The Flatjack Footrest and Tray combo is perfectly machined from a single sheet of sustainable, exterior grade 30mm birch ply. It’s then hand finished before being treated, stained and oiled for added durability.


Its removable, double layer sling is made using either natural cotton canvas or luxury outdoor textiles by Kvadrat and Sunbrella, and has reinforced stitching throughout. The limited edition prints are by textile design legend Sarah Campbell.


The custom metal fittings are machined and polished by hand, and come in solid brass or stainless steel (or bronze but that’s extra!). The footrest and matching chair are available in a variety of other wood finishes, lacquers, slings and metals, so please write to us and tell us what you have in mind.


The footrest has 2 height settings
Both footrest and sling are reversible
Folds perfectly flat and can be stacked
Water and UV resistant
Designed and built solely in the United Kingdom


Frame: FSA or PEFC certified, exterior grade, 30mm, Baltic birch plywood. Treated, stained and oiled. Cut and finished in Billingshurst, Sussex, UK

Sling: Exterior-grade textiles by Kvadrat and Sunbrella, or 15oz natural cotton canvas with limited edition prints by Sarah Campbell. Cut, made and trimmed in Bethnal Green, London, UK

Fittings (caps and spacers): Brass CZ121M; Stainless Steel 316. Axle bolts: 8mm Stainless Steel 316. Machined and polished in Stratford,  London, UK


Folded Flat: L x 78cm / W x 50cm / H x 3cm
Set-up High: L x 67cm / W x 50cm / H x 41cm
Set-up Low: L x 58cm / W x 50cm / H x 50cm

Weight: 6kg