Samson & Fox Design | About



We’re a collaboration of designers, engineers, makers and manufacturers. We work with private clients, retailers and businesses to produce one-off or limited edition runs of uncompromising products. Products of any kind, shape, or size – though most featured on this site are simple wood and metal…



We provide expertise on product design; interaction & network design; installation & experience design; audio-visual design; toy design; spherical displays and content; CNC routing; lazer cutting; 3D printing; outdoor furniture, cabinet making and woodwork.



We strive for simplicity, integrity, and function above all else; we are user-centric, iterative and adaptive in our approach. Ultimately we are primarily interested in the human experience of designing, making and using our products.



We have extensive experience in the museum and education sectors; concert, TV, festival and staging sectors; interiors, retail, packaging and branding; maritime and transport; events, outdoor advertising and experiential marketing.



We undertake private, public and community commissions for private residences, bars, restaurants and retail, office fit-outs, installations, community project spaces and boats.


We can design, prototype and fabricate all commissions in-house, from smaller indoor items to larger projects such as sheds, tea houses and play spaces.


We design, manufacture and sell our own products, please get in touch if you like something you’ve seen!


We additionally provide consultancy and training to support ideation, concept development, design process, digital and traditional prototyping, and starting stuff up in general.



Everyone in the design and manufacturing chain has the option to own part of what they work on – not just get paid a one-off fee. A bit like royalties on an album.



We love the things we make and take real pleasure making them.

Their staggering beauty, utility and simplicity are matched only by the extravagance of claims like this.